Dress up games http://www.loogames.com Dress up games Retro Gamers Party http://www.loogames.com/retro-gamers-party-7379.html Retro Gamers Party Retro games are one of the best ones, so the princesses want to have some fun and set a happy mood for the upcoming party tonight. Barbie, Anna and Merida want to set a new party with retro theme. Make sure you join them too and help them prep up their lovely outfits by playing this fresh new game called Retro Gamers Party! Style the girls and have fun picking up a colorful outfit for each of them. Enjoy!]]> Mon, 27 Mar 2017 16:55:29 +0000 Princesses Three Spring Festivals http://www.loogames.com/princesses-three-spring-festivals-7378.html Princesses Three Spring Festivals Have you ever been in India before? This time of year there is a huge Holi Color Festival. Princesses Ariel, Elsa and Snow White are about to set off to an incredible journey to India because they don't want to miss it. They plan to visit three world’s biggest spring festivals: Holi Color Festival in India, New Year celebration in China and Lollapalooza rock fest in Brazil. Join the girls in their world tour and help them get ready for each event.]]> Mon, 27 Mar 2017 14:31:10 +0000 Candy Perfect Makeup http://www.loogames.com/candy-perfect-makeup-7377.html Candy Perfect Makeup Take a trip to the colorful wonderful world of makeup in this girl game where you not only get to create a new look using cosmetics, but you will also arrange the girl hairstyle and clothing too. Match the foundation you like, put on an eye shadow, some blush, a peachy lipstick and those beautiful eyelashes on. Make sure the type of eyebrows suits the look. Add the dress and the accessories and complete the outfit.]]> Fri, 24 Mar 2017 16:28:15 +0000 Princess Cash Me Outside http://www.loogames.com/princess-cash-me-outside-7376.html Princess Cash Me Outside Elsa and Anna are in the mood for a challenging dress up session today and you ladies are invited to join the fun! While Elsa was browsing the Snapchat she found a few outfits she would like to own so she asked Anna to help her remember them all. But they disappear from the screen so fast that princess Anna could use an extra pair of eyes to memorize all the details the shown outfits have. Complete all those challenging levels before the time runs out and you’ll get to unlock some extra accessories.]]> Fri, 24 Mar 2017 11:12:39 +0000 Birthday Party Perfect Makeup http://www.loogames.com/birthday-party-perfect-makeup-7375.html Birthday Party Perfect Makeup Nothing more important than a perfect makeup for your birthday party. Well, this girl game will offer you the chance to practice it as long as you want. Firstly, take that nice tan you have always wanted and then moisturize the face to apply an eyeliner, some nice eye shadows, maybe a little blush and do not forget the lipstick. Combine a nice outfit to the perfect makeup and put on shiny accessories.]]> Fri, 24 Mar 2017 10:17:43 +0000 Princess Secret Life http://www.loogames.com/princess-secret-life-7374.html Princess Secret Life Princess Moana is new to Disney community, and everyone wants to know her better. Her BFF’s parents are inviting her to the royal ball this evening. But as soon as Moana began to imagine what dress should she wear, Anna and Elsa have arrived! They are going to throw an amazing party and Moana can’t say no to them! But how will she get to the both parties at the same night? It’s better to keep it secret in order to not upset anyone. Two parties - two different styles and double fun!]]> Thu, 23 Mar 2017 15:16:56 +0000 Wicked High School Prom Tailor http://www.loogames.com/wicked-high-school-prom-tailor-7373.html Wicked High School Prom Tailor It's almost time for the Wicked High School Prom! Help our talented tailor find the items she needs to sew her best friend the most stylish dress - fit for a princess, but with a modern, wicked twist.]]> Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:35:16 +0000 Beauty Baby Bath http://www.loogames.com/beauty-baby-bath-7372.html Beauty Baby Bath Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful baby girl in an enchanted castle, who was going to a tea party! But before she can start playing with her friends, she needs your help to take a warm bubble bath. Make sure she gets clean quickly, or she'll start to cry! After her bath, dry her hair, comb it, apply baby oil and then find the perfect outfit for her play-date. She'll look adorable!]]> Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:25:50 +0000 Princesses At Royal College http://www.loogames.com/princesses-at-royal-college-7371.html Princesses At Royal College Have you heard about the Royal College, girls? It’s the coolest place to study in the entire world! Because here, apart from usual college subjects, girls learn a lot about style and fashion, the art of dress up, and graduate as true fashion princesses. Join the Royal College sorority and take part in everyday college life!]]> Wed, 22 Mar 2017 10:35:55 +0000 Dragon Queen Now And Then http://www.loogames.com/dragon-queen-now-and-then-7370.html Dragon Queen Now And Then The queen of dragon from Games of Thrones are incredibly gorgeous. We are inspired by her style. What if she lives nowadays? In this fun game called Dragon Queen Now and Then, we could create 2 different looks for dragon queen. One is modern stylish look and the other is the ancient legendary look. Have fun!]]> Wed, 22 Mar 2017 10:17:23 +0000 Snapchat Challenge http://www.loogames.com/snapchat-challenge-7369.html Snapchat Challenge Elsa and Anna are in the mood for a challenging dress up session today and you ladies are invited to join the fun! While Elsa was browsing the Snapchat she found a few outfits she would like to own so she asked Anna to help her remember them all. But they disappear from the screen so fast that princess Anna could use an extra pair of eyes to memorize all the details the shown outfits have. Enjoy!]]> Tue, 21 Mar 2017 16:09:32 +0000 Princess College Day http://www.loogames.com/princess-college-day-7368.html Princess College Day Hey, girls! Do you want to spend a day at the college with the most popular princess? Then, let’s start! First, help the princess to pack her bag, while she is working on her makeup. Take all the necessary things. Then, choose the most stylish outfit for the college. Today will have a chance to attend the real college class. Help the princess to send SMS and do it fast, and not to be caught. Did you do it? Great! Now, when all classes are over the princess will have the most wonderful date after the long day at the college. Have fun!]]> Mon, 20 Mar 2017 16:54:25 +0000 Monsterfy Justin http://www.loogames.com/monsterfy-justin-7367.html Monsterfy Justin One of the most popular male singers of the moment, Justin Bieber, is now getting ready to pay a visit to the coolest school for monsters in town, Monster High. But only one ghoul knows about it and she has to deal with the difficult task of transforming Justin into a stylish ghoul so that no one can recognize him. So, would you girls like to help sweet ghoul Draculaura monsterfy Justin Bieber?]]> Mon, 20 Mar 2017 15:17:23 +0000 Spring Princess Makeup http://www.loogames.com/spring-princess-makeup-7366.html Spring Princess Makeup Mia is new at makeup skills, could you help her create a fabulous spring fairy makeup look? You could try some mint and pink eye shadows to make her beautiful eyes pop out. To add a little fun, it's a nice idea to add some flower patterns on her face, too. Don't forget to select a floral headband for her, and the most important thing - a floral dress! Mia is definitely a gorgeous spring princess now! Let's go to the welcome the spring party together and have fun!]]> Fri, 17 Mar 2017 14:07:47 +0000 Fashion Perfect Makeup http://www.loogames.com/fashion-perfect-makeup-7365.html Fashion Perfect Makeup There is no way you could make an outfit looks grater than with a pretty make up on it. See for yourself in this girl game how you can complete a fashion attire using the art of painting the face with professional cosmetics. Choose a proper foundation and begin to build the desired aspect. Play with colors and use the clothing and accessories to highlight your fashion make up.]]> Fri, 17 Mar 2017 11:23:35 +0000 Miraculous Hero Closet http://www.loogames.com/miraculous-hero-closet-7364.html Miraculous Hero Closet Our miraculous hero is in a bit of a jam, her closet is a mess! Rush to her aid to sort it out and then look for the perfect superhero outfit and accessories to help her fight crime. Enjoy playing this game!]]> Thu, 16 Mar 2017 11:52:45 +0000 Spring Perfect Makeup http://www.loogames.com/spring-perfect-makeup-7363.html Spring Perfect Makeup Spring is coming and as the change of the season goes you need to bring a fresh make up. In this makeover game your job is to feel free to create something to represent you. Choose the type of foundation you like and build an incredible make up out of it. Put on the eyebrows that match to the picked hairstyle, then play with eye shadows. Make sure you do not forget the mascara, the lipstick and the blush in order to finalize the look.]]> Wed, 15 Mar 2017 16:30:12 +0000 Mermaid Princess Hospital Recovery http://www.loogames.com/mermaid-princess-hospital-recovery-7362.html Mermaid Princess Hospital Recovery Oh no, the mermaid princess got herself in trouble again, she got injured while escaping a shark attack! Take her to the underwater hospital, cut off the net she's trapped in, remove the splinters, disinfect her injuries and give her the right treatment. With your help she'll be back to treasure hunting in no time!]]> Wed, 15 Mar 2017 16:10:10 +0000 Miss Royal Beauty http://www.loogames.com/miss-royal-beauty-7361.html Miss Royal Beauty The bravest Disney princess Merida is taking part in the most prestigious beauty contest of them all! But looks like two other competitors don’t want her to win! So let’s help our red-hair fashionista get the crown! First part is the talent show! Be careful and warn Merida when you’ll notice something suspicious. Then it’s time for the royal dress up! And finally create your own winner crown! Will Merida win and become Miss Royal Beauty? Or will it be Ursula? Or Evil Queen? Play this amazing dress up game and find out!]]> Wed, 15 Mar 2017 15:25:46 +0000 Ice Princess Wedding http://www.loogames.com/ice-princess-wedding-7360.html Ice Princess Wedding Beautiful princess said "yes!" to her beloved prince and now she is waiting for a big and important day – her WEDDING DAY! Show your expert wedding planning talent and create for princess a wedding of her dreams! Create a perfect wedding look for the princess. Choose a hairstyle, makeup and the most amazing dress! Help the groom to find all his stuff. Decorate the wedding ballroom and don’t forget to call the guests! Create a real dream –wedding for the princess! Enjoy!]]> Tue, 14 Mar 2017 16:08:52 +0000 Princess Slumber Party http://www.loogames.com/princess-slumber-party-7359.html Princess Slumber Party The Disney princess Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel are your best friends. They are invited to your house for a fun slumber party. Let's have the best girls' night! Elsa needs a manicure and you happen to know the latest nail art trend. Rapunzel wants to have her hair done and you have all the tools to help her. And Anna could really use a drink, well who doesn't love your homemade drinks! Let's prepare for the slumber night and satisfy their needs. Have fun!]]> Tue, 14 Mar 2017 11:34:34 +0000 Fairy Tree House http://www.loogames.com/fairy-tree-house-7358.html Fairy Tree House The flower fairies just built a new tree house. They need your help decorate the interior rooms. There are living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Use different furniture and decorations to make the rooms functional and comfortable. Oh these fairy items are so cute and dreamy! Do you wish to live in a tree house like this? Play this fun fairy tree house decoration game and enjoy your interior design work! Have fun!]]> Mon, 13 Mar 2017 15:45:37 +0000 Beauty And The Beast http://www.loogames.com/beauty-and-the-beast-7357.html Beauty And The Beast What it takes for this fierce beast to conquer sweet Belle’s kind heart? A lot of attention to details and a bit of something else but let’s join them in to find out some more! The first giver task is to help him find the most beautiful flower in the garden. There are a wide variety of roses and tulips out there but only one of them will make her beauty stand out, which one do you think it is?]]> Mon, 13 Mar 2017 15:19:52 +0000 Prom Perfect Makeup http://www.loogames.com/prom-perfect-makeup-7356.html Prom Perfect Makeup Take this proposal to get ready a beautiful princess and try your best in this makeup game. As you can see there are many features this game brings and you are going to go through all of them to obtain a shinny look. Choose the foundation you like and proceed with the color of the eyes that need to be highlighted by the eye shadow you put. Add the details that make the difference and play with beautiful hair styles.]]> Mon, 13 Mar 2017 10:21:27 +0000 Hijab Salon http://www.loogames.com/hijab-salon-7355.html Hijab Salon Today you are going to be the super talented fashion designer in our Hijab Salon and you main your main task will be to design a veil accessory for the very first Islamic client entering our store. Join her in getting the ‘Hijab Salon’ fashion game started and first of all, select a solid color for the head wrap which is the less seen part of this traditional veil. Then on the next page of the game, you get to select a really nice style for the veil’s upper part, making sure to also cover it in playful prints and bright colors. Enjoy!]]> Thu, 09 Mar 2017 16:49:25 +0000 Snow Mommy Real Makeover http://www.loogames.com/snow-mommy-real-makeover-7354.html Snow Mommy Real Makeover The fairest of them all loves spending time with her little girl, testing face masks and creams can be a fun activity for the mother-daughter duo, won't you join in on the fun? Start the beauty treatments by cleaning the skin of all spots and imperfections, reshape the eyebrows so you can apply colorful makeup. After that dress up Snow White and her cute daughter in elegant dresses and they will be ready for a playful day!]]> Thu, 09 Mar 2017 16:28:16 +0000 Modern Princess Perfect Makeup http://www.loogames.com/modern-princess-perfect-makeup-7353.html Modern Princess Perfect Makeup Take this proposal to get ready a beautiful princess and try your best in this makeup game. As you can see there are many features this game brings and you are going to go through all of them to obtain a shinny look. Choose the foundation you like and proceed with the color of the eyes that need to be highlighted by the eye shadow you put. Add the details that make the difference and play with beautiful hair styles.]]> Thu, 09 Mar 2017 12:37:41 +0000 Audrey Adopts A Puppy http://www.loogames.com/audrey-adopts-a-puppy-7352.html Audrey Adopts A Puppy Audrey was on her way home when she discovered an abandoned Pomeranian puppy by the road, so she decided to take it home. Help our heroine clean up the cute dog, treat the fleas, brush its fur, feed it and officially adopt the puppy, Pom Pom.]]> Wed, 08 Mar 2017 16:54:22 +0000 Princess FaceSwap http://www.loogames.com/princess-faceswap-7351.html Princess FaceSwap All your favorite Disney characters, both princesses and villains, gathered in this super fun game for girls to try out Snapchat’s funny face swamp feature. You ladies are not allowed to miss this out, so hurry up and get the ‘Princess FaceSwap’ game started and give them a precious helping hand. What you have to do while playing this game is pretty simple: first, choose your favorite Disney princess and dress her up. It can be Cinderella, Elsa or Ariel. Enjoy!]]> Wed, 08 Mar 2017 15:54:20 +0000 Veggie Morning http://www.loogames.com/veggie-morning-7350.html Veggie Morning Start your day in a healthy way and let's make together a veggie breakfast. Barbie the Superhero is here to help us with the recipe. Follow her indications and you will have the healthiest breakfast in just few minutes. If you like this veggies recipe share it with your friends because everyone should learn how to cook healthy meals. Enjoy!]]> Tue, 07 Mar 2017 16:34:03 +0000